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Coral + Pink Aventurine Earrings


Graduated, genuine, Coral and Pink Aventurine gemstone beads,  starting from 4mm beads at the top through to 10mm at the bottom, the detail and swirl of colours in these gemstones is sublime.


Length: 6cm


Earring hooks are sterling silver.


Free delivery nationwide

Coral & Pink Aventurine Earrings

  • Aventurine

    Relates mainly to the Heart Chakra, it soothes anxiety & stress & diffuses negative situations. Connects to the Angelic Realm. Aventurine is an excellent prosperity talisman,  it channels abundance and brings good luck in money. Blue Aventurine enhances the masculine energy in both males and females, and is a stone of self-discipline and inner strength, assisting one in making clear decisions and sticking by them. Green Aventurine relates to the Heart Chakra, physically an all-around healing stone. Use to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages. Some wear/carry to increase intelligence, perception, and creativity. Pink Aventurine works with the Higher-Heart Chakra and can impart a wonderful sense of well-being. It urges us to live from the heart and be willing to love boldly. It is particularly helpful for overcoming fear and grief after a negative romantic experience.

  • Coral

    Coral represents diplomacy and harmony. It quiets the emotions and brings peace to within the self. Facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization. It accelerates the transfer of knowledge.

    Red Coral relates to the Base/Root Chakra. It enhances, creativity, passion, and romantic love. It stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals.

    Pink Coral relates to the Heart Chakra. It stimulates sensitivity, with respect to one’s emotions and physical condition. It activates the heart chakra, enhancing the intuitive aspects of love. It absorbs negative energy, stimulates platonic love and friendship.

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  • Luxury storage bag included

  • Free delivery nationwide >€20 

  • Created & handmade in Ireland

  • Gemstone description card included

  • Delivery within 3-5 working days

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